About Me

I am a hobbyist web designer, trying to make use of my uncommon skills. I host a blog, and post a few times, or once a week. I have been doing web design for over two years, and plan to continue for many more. My websites mainly use Google's material design principals, because I believe that material design is useful to give websites interesting and consistent designs, that can really help people convey ideas, and show off their products/services. I aspire to eventually work at Google, in an engineer/developer position. That seems to be a fairly good place to work, and I know a few people that do work there, and really enjoy it. To learn more about me, my blog is linked above.


Obviously, I require a fee for my web design service, I am a startup, and need funding. I will take half of the payment before, and half after the website is finished. For a site with no specific requests, I charge $5 per page. If you have a specific idea for your site, I will charge $10 per page. Obvoiusly, I'm trying to avoid breaking the bank. The reason for my competative pricing is due to the fact that customers are hard to find, and if I do manage to get someone's attention, they problably won't want to risk too much money on a 13 year old, which is completely understandable. For details about what payment method I use, you can contact me aydendiel@gmail.com.


My twitter is @sublimetext_3. There, I post updates of websites that I am working on, as well as genral information, and miscellaneous information, about almost anything. Make sure to give me a follow to stay up to date about deals that I might have!


You can find me on instagram at @ayden_acd. I don't post very often, so if you want to see interesting content, check out my blog or twitter, where I post a lot more frequently.